Why A Bernese Mountain Dog?  "The Quintessential Family Dog"



The beautiful black, white and rust colored Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner) is known for having an, easygoing manner. Nicknamed “gentle giants,” Berners thrive on having a special closeness with their owners. Intelligent and strong, it is their sweet disposition that makes them a uniquely good fit for families.


Unlike high-energy hunting and sporting breeds, Berners are considered farm dogs by heritage, and require a moderate amount of exercise. They are highly trainable and respond well to obedience classes.


With their beautiful tri-color fur, they are a double-coated breed. They do tend to shed, primarily twice a year like other longer-haired breeds, which means regular brushing is encouraged.



Where did the breed originate?

Bernese Mountain Dogs (Berner Sennenhund) originated in Switzerland and are named for the Canton of Bern. Historically, Berners were used as general purpose farm dogs. Their large, sturdy frames and calm, confident temperaments made them ideal for pulling carts to market, driving dairy cattle, watching the farm and acting as companions to farmers. *


What makes the Bernese Mountain Dog so special?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is well-known for its long, silky coat. But its luxurious fur is not just for show. This robust breed thrives in cold weather. In the past, Berner’s were bred to perform drafting and herding duties in the Swiss Alps. Today, they are particularly popular for obedience, agility, herding and therapy work.


*Source: American Kennel Club